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You had me falling for you honey
And it never would've gone away, no
You used to shine so bright
But I watched all of it fade

i do not get into relationships with people
i just date
thats me
cause it's easier to walk away when you dont get yourself emotionally attached to another
and it hurts lesser too

Jan. 17th, 2010

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where
I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride
I love you because I know no other way than this
So close that your hand on my chest is my hand
So close that when you close your eyes I fall asleep

thriller was not that fun ):
plus there was a really fat fucked up guy in the club who hit me! such a mofo!
haha but i pushed him off the stage/podium thingyy
and oh he called me fat too, when hes double my size. oh wait tripple my size!

proud sister

this post is for my one and only baby sis!
m so proud of her
although her team didnt win in the finals for a div
she'll always be my champion!
love you baby sis!

and these are some of the photos of my sissy in action!

love you nicky baby!
more photossss


it's 4am and im not asleep!
anyways im watching lost now! season 5, it's so complicated ):
but not as complicated as heros! ( i stoppped at season 2 )

and right now i miss school!
and i miss my girls at school!
but i miss going to st margs more than i miss going to nafa
although lessons are really early in the morning
i still love my secondary school tonsss!
especially my girls (:
was damn happy i met them on saturday at mak's place
although alex an chloe werent there
and joy, vann, sarah, erika and flo werent there too ):
i cant wait till we ALL get together, omg so funnn!

the buddies, always eating in class                       and haha thats them during chinese class, never pay attention!

learning journey damn fun!
and i remembered we had one learning journey where we got to eat mongolian buffet(: SHIOK ONLY!

sportss day!

best day everrrrr!

started my day when i woke up at 11.30! baby gave me a morning call (:
then washed up, changed and got ready to go out!
cabbed to town and met baby at wheelock!
headed to coffee club for lunch!
baby had honey mustard sandwhich
and i had seafood in lobster bisque tart ( EWWWW)
then we went to f21 at wisma to get mak's bday present!
got her a maxi dress!
then we went to TAKA!
headed to chanel and omg i fell in LOVE with one of the wallet( it's pink and shinny)! but its 990! OMG!
then went to LV, and then dior, but all the wallets were like EXPENSIVE! (the ones i like la )
then we went to juicy, and i saw this really cute black wallet and baby bought it for me! for my bday (:
i was like, omg this is so nice, i like the blink blink heart! then i went to see other stuff around the shop and then he came up to me and handed me a juicy paper bag with the wallet inside!

i was so happppy!
then we went to coffee club again cause i was hungry again ( PIGGG)
i had the alfredo and baby and i shared a muddy mud pie! yummmmy

left town at like 5.35 to head to jurong east to meet my sis and then bukit batok to meet joyce at fee to go to mak's place!
mak's DAMN HOT TODAY! she looks so good in a maxi dress
the food was damn good! especially the PIZZA! shiok to the maxxxxx!
anyways after dinner, we played charades and another game!
wanted to play i never but haha there was no alcohol!

anyways photosss!

love the wallet bao ercong, love you 10000 times more now!
you seriously rockkk!
and i hope you have enough to last you to your next pay (:
if you dont i'll cook for you more often!

and haha some photos of me and my sis/ granny 
and my sis and my mum/ my aunt(:


and photos of me doing my hair! AHAHAHA!
( before the perm) HAHA!

after assessment :D


when are you coming back alex, i miss you so so much ):

anyways the party on friday was freaking awesomeeeee(: 
i drank till i got high
havent gotten high in a long time
and baby KO-ed!
HAHA cause he took the 70% shot!

photosCollapse )
it was alright! haha just that i have to buck up next year and be more HARDWORKING 
( and thats if i decide to continue studying )

My holidays starts now (((: 

and i doubt i'll be going to aussie ): 
my granny just had surgery
and i have to go to indo in june

and now im going to make some indonesian desserts for babyyyy (: 

lets go out soon pleaseeeeee
and chloe and alex hurry come back okayy

omg, it's march alreadyyyy! so so fast. and it's term break ((:
but term break doesnt isnt that fun cause i still have work to do, and classes to attend.

anyhow, i was going through all the picts i have in my comp and i swear i have like thousands of them
and while going through them i realize how different life is now

for example last year my BFF was dion but now, i dont know who she really is and i dont talk to her anymore.

last year, i was so excited about all the events that uan has, now i hate uan and also dont want to have anything to do with them (LONG LONG STORY)

and oh while looking at the picts, i also begun to miss a lot of people.
here's a list
  • alex, chloe and joyce( i miss them the most! missed them without looking at picts )
  • joy, vann, rach mak, phanida, cassie, alexia, sandra, sarah chan, flo, erika, constance lau, charissa ong ( miss them second most )
  • ben ben, kiat, aaron ang, paul ng, ( churchies, miss them third most!)
all that have been mentioned in the i miss section, are people who play an important role in my life. people who has seen me through a lot. been there for me(: i love them all!

this is constance this is sarah chan

this is vann soh this is cassie

this is phanida this is erika

this is kiat this is joy

this is alexia this is charissa

this is sandra this is ben

this is paul this is aaron

the following picts will be of ACJL! the best friends i'll ever ever find (:

there's so many more but im lazy to upload cause it's taking forever ):
anyways if you guys read this, i miss all of you very very much!
esp alex and chloeeee(: 

hope to see you guys soon to do some catching up